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Trek Conduct and Why You Should Care!

Being a part of something new can always be exciting, especially adventure activities. Beginners often get caught up in the moment and tend to overestimate their own skills, which can be potentially deadly when it comes to trekking and climbing.

 Everything comes down to basics. The tiny yet significant details can mean the success or failure of your expedition, and in some cases even life or death. We here at Let’s Himalaya understand the importance of basic climbing and trekking know-how, and endeavor to impart all the relevant guidance you need to accomplish a successful climb.

The key points of focus for beginners should be:

  • Physical preparation: With almost every major expedition requiring high levels of fitness, it is advised to take part in a training regime based on the difficulty of the trek. Jogging, pushups, sit-ups, sprints and long walks are all excellent ways to slowly improve your level and take on the big boys of mountain ranges   
  • Mental preparation: This is probably as important, if not more, than physical fitness. A good mountaineer will always keep a level and calm head, without getting overambitious about his goals, or underselling himself and giving up prematurely.  
  • Judgment and experience: Understanding the use of equipment and knowing when to do what is key for a climber. Decision making skills often end up the difference between victory and defeat.  
  • Leave no Traces: Looking at the damage done to nature all around us, it is obvious that mountain trails will face the same lack of concern, unless we consciously decide to make sure that no traces of our presence are left after our departure. This is the best solution to preserve the sanctity of these beautiful landscapes, for future travelers to enjoy and appreciate. 

The Climbing Code:  An established set of guidelines used to ensure a safer mountaineering experience, especially for beginners without the judgment or experience which comes with time. 

  • Leave the trip itinerary with a responsible person
  • Carry the necessary clothing, food and equipment
  • A climbing party of three is the minimum, unless adequate prearranged support is available.
  • Rope up on all exposed places and for all glacier travel. Anchor all belays
  • Keep the party together, and obey the leader or majority rule.
  • Never climb beyond your ability and knowledge
  • Never let judgment be overruled by desire when choosing the route or deciding to turn back
  • Behave at all times in a manner that reflects favorably upon mountaineering, including adherence to Leave No Trace Principle


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