Why Trekking Is Something For Everyone

It is fair to say that our Smartphones and laptops govern our way of life in this day and age. Everything imaginable is available and just a touch away.

Need clothes? Order them online.

Need food? Order as many cuisines as you like

Need a cab? Pick an app and order now

What about memories, experiences or passions?

“You’re meant to live today, not hashtag and share it!”

With all of this, we are forgetting the value of personal interaction, the feeling of being there and in the moment. We get caught in the banalities of today, which become irrelevant tomorrow. Instead of living right now, exploring this beautiful world and the wondrous bounty it holds.

Ask yourself, if everything you rely on so extensively were to stop functioning somehow, would you be able to live a content life regardless?

This is the lesson trekking imparts to all. Of going back to basics, living off the fruit of your own efforts and experiencing the satisfaction of achieving something on your own.

Journeying to exotic locations, with little or no interaction with humanity, understanding and appreciating the sheer brilliance of nature in its natural state is what trekking is all about.

This is especially important today, with the constant addiction to digital devices that our generation has become hooked on.

Instead of just looking at the picture of a peak or camping trail, encourage yourselves to reach out and explore, to understand the point of being there in person, seeing, touching, smelling and absorbing everything around you, the exhilaration of the journey and the sense of pride and accomplishment on reaching your goal.

Join us today and reconnect yourself with the world.

Let's Himalaya | April 29, 2019

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Why Trekking Is Something For Everyone

Let's Himalaya | April 29, 2019