•   Langtang GosaiKunda

Langtang GosaiKunda

Nepal , Nepal

Max Altitude

4460 m


16 Days

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Step into the enchanting embrace of Langtang Gosaikunda, a trekking odyssey that unfolds like a living, breathing tapestry of natures grandeur. Nestled within the heart of Nepals Langtang National Park, this journey isnt just a trek; its a symphony of adventure and awe. Picture this: as you ascend, colossal peaks like Langtang Lirung and Dorje Lakpa reveal themselves, standing guard over the path like ancient titans. These arent just mountains; they are gatekeepers to a realm where every step leads to new heights of natural wonder. The trail winds through a kaleidoscope of landscapes, from vibrant rhododendron forests that seem to whisper tales of ancient secrets to alpine meadows painted with a riot of wildflowers. Its a journey that challenges your limbs and ignites your spirit, all while nature puts on a show that would leave even the most seasoned traveler breathless. And then, theres Gosaikunda, a sacred jewel cradled at an altitude of 4,380 meters. Its pristine waters reflect the surrounding peaks, creating a mirror to the heavens. This isnt just a lake; its a spiritual sanctuary, a place where the pulse of the mountains beats in harmony with your own. But Langtang Gosaikunda isnt just about the physical challenge; its an immersive dive into the soul of Nepal. Quaint villages dot the trail, offering a glimpse into a world where time seems to move at its own pace. The warmth of local hospitality and the richness of cultural encounters become an integral part of this transformative journey. This trek isnt for the faint-hearted; its for those who crave an adventure that transcends the ordinary. Langtang Gosaikunda isnt selling a trek; its offering an invitation to be part of something extraordinary. So, lace up your boots, let the mountains be your guide, and prepare to write your own chapter in the epic tale of Langtang Gosaikunda.

Your journey commences with the bustling energy of Kathmandu, a city steeped in history. The intricate architecture of ancient temples and the vibrant street life set the stage for the adventure that lies ahead. A mix of anticipation and excitement fills the air as you prepare for the awe-inspiring trek through Langtang Gosaikunda.

Take a day to acclimatize to the Nepalese rhythm. Dive into the citys cultural tapestry, exploring landmarks like Swayambhunath, where prayer flags flutter in the breeze. The vibrant markets and aromatic street food provide a sensory feast, ensuring youre fully charged for the Himalayan journey.

Embark on a picturesque drive to Syabru Besi, where the journey truly begins. The road winds through terraced fields, rustic villages, and eventually unveils the towering Langtang Range in the backdrop. The excitement builds as you step into the gateway of this Himalayan adventure.

The trek begins with a steady ascent through lush forests and quaint Tamang villages. As you gain altitude, catch glimpses of Ganesh Himal and the Langtang Range. Lama Hotel, nestled in a verdant valley, provides a cosy haven amidst the Himalayan grandeur.

Traverse through rhododendron and pine forests, and the valley gradually opens up to reveal Langtang Lirung, an imposing snow-capped giant. The Langtang Valley, with its grazing yaks and prayer-flag adorned bridges, presents a surreal vista against the backdrop of majestic peaks.

Todays trek brings you to Kyanjin Gompa, a village embraced by panoramic views of Langtang Lirung, Langshisha Ri, and other neighbouring peaks. The air is crisp, and the spiritual ambiance of the monastery adds a mystical touch to the landscape.

Descend from the heights of Kyanjin, with the Langtang Range bidding farewell in the distance. As you retrace your steps, Langtang Lirung remains an ever-watchful companion, and the familiar landmarks take on a new perspective, blending nostalgia with the thrill of the journey ahead.

Navigate through dense forests, crossing suspension bridges that offer glimpses of the cascading rivers below. The trail to Thulo Syabru rewards with panoramic views of Ganesh Himal and the Langtang Range, making every uphill step worthwhile.

Ascend to Simg Gompa, a hidden gem amidst the mountains. The trail provides breathtaking views of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and the Langtang Range. Savour the serene atmosphere of the Gompa, surrounded by towering peaks that seem to touch the heavens.

The trail ascends to Lauribina Yak, revealing the alpine landscape with every step. The Langtang Range and Langtang Lirung create a majestic panorama, while prayer flags flutter in the mountain breeze. Lauribina Yak offers a vantage point to absorb the Himalayan splendour.

The highlight of your trek unfolds as you approach Gosaikunda. The trail reveals stunning views of the turquoise lake surrounded by snow-clad peaks, including Dorje Lakpa and Langtang Lirung. The spiritual energy of Gosaikunda, set against this Himalayan amphitheatre, is an experience that lingers in your soul.

Bid adieu to the sacred lake and embark on a descent toward Gopte. The trail showcases diverse landscapes, from rocky terrain to lush forests. The ever-changing views of the Langtang Range and surrounding peaks accompany your journey down.

Continue your descent to Tharepati, where the mountainous panorama remains awe-inspiring. The peaks of Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, and Gosaikunda still dominate the skyline, offering a backdrop that exemplifies the grandeur of the Himalayas.

Descend through charming villages and verdant landscapes to reach Gul Bhanjayang. The lower altitudes introduce a different facet of Nepal, where terraced fields and rhododendron forests create a tranquil setting.

The final leg of your trek leads to Chisopani, offering a serene escape into the hills. As you traverse through lush forests, catch glimpses of the distant Himalayan peaks. Chisopani provides a perfect vantage point to reflect on the transformative journey undertaken.

The trek concludes with a descent to Sundarijal, where a private vehicle awaits to whisk you back to Kathmandu. As you leave the mountains behind, carry with you the memories of breathtaking vistas, serene lakes, and the camaraderie of fellow trekkers—a testament to the extraordinary adventure through Langtang Gosaikunda.


Kathmandu to Kathmandu , TWIN SHARING

- All accommodation during trek in camps on sharing basis

- All meals during trek (Indian Food)

- Qualified and experienced mountain Guide, and support staff

- Camping Permissions

- Inner line Permit (where applicable)

- Visa & tickets

- Pick up and drop to and from airport/bus stand

- Permits fees

- Any type of personal expenses

- Insurance of the trip

- Things not mentioned under Inclusions

- Team or Staff tips are not included in trip cost

- Personal gear and equipment

- Mule or Porter to carry duffle bags

- Extended stay after end of journey: Basic, Standard (3 stars) & Luxury (3 star+/ 4 star)

- Local Sightseeing Packages

- Adventure Activities: Paragliding. River Rafting, Zorbing, ATV Rides, River crossing, Day hikes and much more

- Pickup and drop from bus stand/airport(where applicable)

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