• Parang La Adventure

Parang La Adventure

India , Manali

Max Altitude

5580 m


12 Days

Max Group Size




Cost Starting From


Venture into the extraordinary landscapes of the Himalayas, where time seems to linger, beckoning you into the heart of unspoiled beauty. This meticulously crafted itinerary unfolds from the lively town of Manali to the enchanting Leh, guiding you through the mystical realms of Spiti Valley. As you traverse ever-changing ecosystems and elevations, from the verdant beauty of Manali to the high-altitude deserts, this expedition becomes a transformative exploration of natures resilience and the richness of ancient cultures. This adventure transcends the ordinary; it is a profound encounter with remote mountain passes, hidden villages, and pristine landscapes. Each day, as you acclimate to higher elevations, youll unravel the secrets of ancient monasteries, find solace on less-traveled trails, and embrace the challenges and triumphs of high-altitude trekking.

Embark on an exhilarating journey from Manali to Kaza, tracing the sinuous mountain roads that wind through the spectacular landscapes of the Himalayas. The drive unfolds like a visual feast, transitioning from the verdant beauty of Manali to the arid, high-altitude desert of Spiti Valley. Over the course of approximately 8-9 hours, witness the changing colors of the mountains and feel the gradual ascent to Kaza at 3800 meters, the gateway to the extraordinary Spiti region.

Embark on a leisurely 1-2 hour drive to Chicham, a hidden gem nestled in the Trans-Himalayan realm. Surrounded by stark beauty, this day is dedicated to unwinding and acclimatizing to the elevated terrain. Stroll through the village, absorbing the unique cultural nuances, and relish the tranquility of this remote setting.

Immerse yourself further into the serene ambiance of Chicham. The day invites exploration of the villages intricacies, perhaps a visit to ancient monasteries or a gentle hike to vantage points that reveal panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. The unhurried pace facilitates a seamless acclimatization process.

Embark on a soul-stirring trek from Chicham to Thaltak, situated at an elevation of 4693 meters. Traverse through an ever-changing landscape, encountering rugged terrains, and witness the unique flora and fauna that characterize the high-altitude regions of Spiti Valley.

Continue your odyssey with a trek leading you to Borochin at an altitude of 5100 meters. Each step reveals breathtaking vistas, and the surroundings transform into a canvas of snow-capped peaks and expansive valleys. The journey becomes a poetic exploration of the raw beauty of the Himalayas.

Embark on a day of transcendence, trekking through the ethereal landscapes from Borochin to Parang La at 5580 meters. Descend to Kharsa Yongma at 4850 meters, witnessing the grandeur of high mountain passes, glaciers, and secluded valleys. This day is a symphony of challenges and rewards.

Continue your trek, traversing through remote landscapes from Kharsa Yongma to Kapapuche. This 7-8 hour journey invites introspection amidst the untouched beauty of the region. The isolation and serenity become companions as you make your way through the high-altitude wilderness.

Embark on a trekking escapade from Kapapuche to Kitpodansa. The day unfolds like a tapestry of diverse landscapes, from rocky terrains to high-altitude meadows. Each step is a testament to the resilient beauty of the Himalayas, offering a unique blend of challenge and serenity.

Continue your high-altitude traverse, trekking from Kitpodansa to Chumik Shilde. The landscapes surrounding you are dominated by towering peaks, providing a sense of insignificance in the vastness of the Himalayan wilderness. This day is an immersive experience in the grandeur of nature.

Embark on a day of contemplative trekking, journeying from Chumik Shilde to Kiangdom. The trails may lead through high mountain passes and charming villages, offering a juxtaposition of challenges and moments of profound tranquility amidst the remote Himalayan trails.

Challenge yourself with a day of trekking from Kiangdom to Karzok. Traverse through landscapes that showcase the diverse facets of the regions topography, providing a sensory feast of sights and sounds. Experience the unique cultural tapestry of the Himalayas as you approach the final destination of your trek.

Conclude your awe-inspiring journey with a 5-6 hour drive from the tranquil shores of Karzok to the vibrant town of Leh. Reflect on the challenges overcome and the indelible memories etched against the canvas of the Himalayas. Arriving in Leh, take the opportunity to explore the cultural richness of Ladakh, capping off your adventure with a blend of tranquility and cultural exploration before bidding farewell to the majestic mountains.


Manali to : Karzok – Leh, TWIN SHARING

- All accommodation during trek in camps on sharing basis

- All meals during trek (Indian Food)

- Qualified and experienced mountain Guide, and support staff

- Camping Permissions

- Inner line Permit (where applicable)

- Visa & tickets

- Pick up and drop to and from airport/bus stand

- Permits fees

- Any type of personal expenses

- Insurance of the trip

- Things not mentioned under Inclusions

- Team or Staff tips are not included in trip cost

- Personal gear and equipment

- Mule or Porter to carry duffle bags

- Extended stay after end of journey: Basic, Standard (3 stars) & Luxury (3 star+/ 4 star)

- Local Sightseeing Packages

- Adventure Activities: Paragliding. River Rafting, Zorbing, ATV Rides, River crossing, Day hikes and much more

- Pickup and drop from bus stand/airport(where applicable)

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