• Spiti Circle Road Trip

Spiti Circle Road Trip

India , Shimla

Max Altitude

4551 m


12 Days

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Embark on a captivating journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Himachal Pradesh with this meticulously crafted road trip just for you. Beginning in the vibrant city of Chandigarh, the route traverses through the lush hills of Shimla, Narkanda, and Sarahan, gradually unveiling the diverse beauty of the Himalayan region. As the adventure unfolds, youll traverse remote villages like Chitkul and Kalpa, each offering a unique cultural tapestry against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. Delve into the tranquillity of Charang Village and explore the ancient monasteries of Tabo and Dhankar, experiencing the rich spiritual heritage of the Spiti Valley. The journey extends to the picturesque Pin Valley, Kaza, and high-altitude villages like Hikkim, Langza, and Kibber, providing an immersive encounter with the local way of life. The itinerary culminates in the surreal landscapes of Chandertaal Lake before descending to the vibrant hill station of Manali and concluding the adventure with a return to Chandigarh. Get ready for an unforgettable expedition, where every day unfolds new wonders and scenic vistas, showcasing the incredible diversity of the Himalayan terrain.

Embark on a picturesque journey from Chandigarh to Shimla, a charming hill station nestled in the Himalayas. The winding roads offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. After exploring Shimla, continue the drive to Narkanda, known for its apple orchards and panoramic landscapes. The journey introduces you to the enchanting beauty of Himachal Pradesh, with lush greenery and cool mountain air setting the tone for the adventure ahead.

Leaving Narkanda, venture towards Sarahan, a small village surrounded by dense forests and snow-capped peaks. The journey takes you through winding mountain roads, revealing the natural beauty of the region. Sarahan is home to the Bhimakali Temple, an architectural gem set against a backdrop of majestic mountains. Take in the serenity of the village and immerse yourself in its cultural and religious significance.

Travel from Sarahan to Chitkul, a remote village near the Indo-Tibetan border. As you ascend through the hills, the landscape evolves, showcasing the rugged beauty of the Himalayas. Chitkul is the last inhabited village on the old Indo-Tibetan trade route, and the journey offers glimpses of traditional Himachali architecture and lifestyle. Enjoy the tranquillity of Chitkul and the mesmerizing views of the Baspa River.

Embark on a scenic drive from Chitkul to Kalpa, a charming town with apple orchards and terraced fields. The journey offers panoramic views of the Kinner Kailash range. Kalpa is known for its ancient monasteries and the Kinnaur Kailash peak looming in the background. Experience the unique blend of culture and nature as you explore this Himalayan gem.

Drive from Kalpa to Charang Village, a remote and less-explored destination. The journey takes you through pristine landscapes, with the snow-capped peaks providing a breathtaking backdrop. Charang Village is known for its centuries-old monastery and traditional mud-brick houses. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region and appreciate the untouched beauty of the surroundings.

Travel from Charang to Tabo, home to one of the oldest monasteries in the Himalayas. The journey introduces you to the stark, barren beauty of the Spiti Valley. Tabo Monastery, with its ancient murals and sculptures, is a testament to the rich Buddhist heritage of the region. Explore the monastery and soak in the spiritual ambiance of Tabo.

Embark on a day trip from Tabo to the Pin Valley, known for its unique landscape and wildlife. The journey takes you through the picturesque valley, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Visit Mudh, a quaint village in the Pin Valley, and witness the traditional lifestyle of the locals. The journey provides a close encounter with the raw beauty of the Himalayan terrain.

Drive from Mudh to Kaza, the largest town in the Spiti Valley. En route, visit the iconic Dhankar Monastery perched on a high mountain ridge. The road offers panoramic views of the Spiti River and the rugged terrain. Explore Kaza, with its Tibetan culture and ancient monasteries, and soak in the unique charm of this high-altitude town.

Embark on a circuit exploring the picturesque villages around Kaza. Visit Hikkim, home to one of the worlds highest post offices, and Langza, known for its ancient fossils. Explore the Ki Monastery, perched on a hilltop, and Kibber, one of the highest inhabited villages in the world. The journey unfolds the cultural richness and high-altitude landscapes of the Spiti Valley.

Drive from Kaza to Chandertaal Lake, a high-altitude lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Cross the Kunzum La pass, offering breathtaking views of the Spiti Valley. The journey takes you through barren landscapes and high mountain passes, creating a surreal experience. Reach Chandertaal Lake and witness the mesmerizing beauty of the pristine lake against the backdrop of towering peaks.

Descend from Chandertaal Lake to Manali, passing through the rugged terrains of Batal. The journey takes you through remote landscapes, with the Chandra River accompanying the route. Marvel at the changing scenery as you transition from the barren beauty of Spiti to the lush greenery of Manali. Reach Manali and unwind amid the vibrant atmosphere of this popular hill station.

Conclude your journey with a scenic drive from Manali to Chandigarh. The route takes you through picturesque valleys, dense forests, and charming mountain villages. Reflect on the diverse landscapes and cultural experiences encountered during the trip as you make your way back to Chandigarh, completing a memorable exploration of the enchanting Himalayan region.


Chandigarh – Shimla to Manali – Chandigarh , TWIN SHARING

- All accommodation during trips in camps/hotels/homestays on Triple sharing basis

- Meals during the trip (MAP basis)

- Qualified and experienced driver cum guide

- High-altitude SUVs

- Camping Permissions

- Inner line Permit (where applicable)

- Visa & tickets

- Pick up and drop to and from the airport/bus stand

- Permits fees

- Meals during transit (lunch)

- Any type of personal expenses

- Insurance of the trip

- Things not mentioned under Inclusions

- Team or Staff tips are not included in the trip cost

- Personal gear and equipment

- Mule or Porter to carry duffle bags

- Extended stay after the end of the journey: Basic, Standard (3 stars) & Luxury (3 star+/ 4 star)

- Local Sightseeing Packages

- Adventure Activities: Paragliding. River Rafting, Zorbing, ATV Rides, River crossing, Day hikes and much more

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